2018 Executive Board

Laureen Romano, Secretary | Aubrey is a light, a guiding force and an inspiration. Aubrey is my cousin but she also was a wonderful teacher and mentor, and my go-to MaMa when I had my son. After her passing my sister, cousin and I founded this organization to continue her mission. I have been humbled by the response from the community and so honored to be a part of it. It is my hope that as this organization grows we continue to be her light, a guiding positive force, and an inspiration for others as we all #LiveLikeAubrey.

Maria Millner, Community Relations Chair | Aubrey was a friend, a mentor, a teacher, a cousin.  She was laughter, love, strength,  ambition, passion and beauty. Above all, she was a positive influence to so many lives.  In a world of much uncertainy, hatred and judgement, one appreciates confidence, kindess and acceptance so much more.  These beautiful traits were Aubrey’s attributes which I feel must be lived through as many people as possible. This foundation allows me to keep Aubrey’s energy fluid by bringing others together and giving back to the students of North Brusnwick, which Aubrey was so deeply invested in. One of the best parts  is connecting to new people and collectively continuig to positively influence lives in Aubrey’s name.

Emily Angeles, Treasurer

Gordon Millner, Social Media Co-Chair | I met Aubrey years ago and was instantly drawn to her personality.  She was unbelievably welcoming and a ton of fun to be around.  She was bubbly, genuine, and always willing to help.  When Aubrey passed away, it seemed crazy that so much of the world wouldn’t get to experience just how wonderful she was.  It was that feeling that made me want to join The Aubrey Foundation and make sure Aubrey’s light and legacy continues to reach people even when she is no longer here.

Heather Zelehoski, Social Media Co-Chair | I met Aubrey through my husband, John.  Aubrey and John taught together at Linwood Middle School for many years.  Aubrey and I had many similar interests including our love for the NY Yankees and above all, our love for our children.  As a first time mother, I often turned to Aubrey for advice on motherhood.   She was always there to lend a listening ear and to answer any of my questions.   As soon as the Foundation was developed, I knew that I wanted to be involved.   Aubrey was very special to my family.  As a member of the foundation, I hope to give back to others just as Aubrey did.

Lori Kaye, Public Relations Co-Chair | I became involved with the Aubrey Foundation when I found out that plans were in the works for a “Purple for Pappas 5K” fund-raiser three years ago.  My enthusiasm for volunteering was two-fold:  I had experience coordinating other successful 5K races, and it was a way for me to “give back” for the way that Aubrey touched our family. My son, Harrison, was a 6th grade Honors English student in Aubrey’s class in 2006-07.  He learned how to express himself creatively, and was inspired to step up and be a leader at many levels in middle and high school.  As a senior at Stevens Institute of Technology, he continues to “live like Aubrey” by volunteering with many community and charitable events in Hoboken, managing leadership roles in baseball and his fraternity, and continually seeking ways to help others.  It brings a smile to my heart when I see him wearing his purple “Live Like Aubrey” bracelet every day…

Derek Angeles, Public Relations Co-Chair | My involvement with The Aubrey Foundation came about when I designed their first fundraising banner. Although, that first banner was looked at as a favor, I would then find myself designing flyers for additional events, especially the Purple for Pappas 5k, and various signs and pictures. Although I didn’t meet Aubrey personally, what inspires me to continue fulfilling this role within The Aubrey Foundation are the people who began it all and who continue to put forth their efforts towards its’ success. It is through each one of the board member’s stories and experiences that drive me to design each piece to the best of my abilities to represent Aubrey and the foundation that honors not only her name, but her as a person.

Read our Bylaws: 2018 Bylaws


2018 Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees consists of all of our Executive Board Members AND additional General Board Members.

Executive Board Members: Laureen Romano, Maria Millner, Emily Szczerba, Gordon Millner, Heather Zelehoski, Lori Kaye, Derek Angeles

General Board Members: 

Cristin Cowley, Board Member | Aubrey’s infectious laugh, her tough but honest loving advice, compassionate heart and positive spirit impacted the lives of many students, educators, community members, friends and family.  I was fortunate to not only consider her a mentor, but a friend, cousin and “big sister”.  Co-founding The Aubrey Foundation provided an opportunity to allow Aubrey’s memory to live on through the outlets she was most passionate about: education and bringing family, friends and community together. It is my personal mission through the Foundation to continue encouraging community building through various events and to positively impact students’ academic, personal and professional growth in the #LiveLikeAubrey spirit!

Nicole Jacunski, Board Member | I have known Aubrey since 2006 when we met at Linwood Middle School, and I became her co teacher in an inclusion Language Arts 6th grade class. We became fast friends. We taught together for many years, and made many amazing memories both inside and outside of school. Aubrey always taught me to live life to the fullest, and for that I am grateful. I named my daughter, Skyler Aubrey, after her and know her shining light will always look after my daughter and family.

Arnold Weinberg, Board Member

Georges Richa, Board Member | I am a local to the New Brunswick Area and became aware of the organization through my childhood friends – Aubrey’s cousins –  the founders of the organization.  With a passion for family, education, and this community, I find it rewarding to be part of The Aubrey Foundation, because I share many of the same values The Aubrey Foundation represents.  I firmly believe that education is a powerful tool that many take for granted, and am proud to be part of a foundation that continues to serve the local community in such great ways.

Megan Romano, Board Member

Mindy Steinman, Board Member

Description of Roles

Our Executive Board Roles:

Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of board actions, including overseeing the taking of minutes at all executive and general board meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to each board member, and assuring that appropriate records are maintained. The Secretary will facilitate all board and race meetings.  The Secretary shall also be responsible for collecting all documents from the other members filing and maintaining of the Google System, including but not limited to the email and googledrive accounts for the foundation.

Community Relations Chair: The Community Relations Chair shall coordinate management and attendance of volunteers at all events with the Social Media Chair.  The Chair shall also manage the chosen foundation for the year and be the liason between the foundation board members, committees and community. During the race the Community Relations Chair will coordinate with the township, police, fire dept, EMTs, public works and school board. The Community Relations Chair shall also facilitate the mailing of thank you’s for all major events. The Community Relations Chair shall update and maintain the foundation’s website & back up the treasurer with any financial needs.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall present a financial report at each board meeting.  The Treasurer shall track the bank account, regularly check the P.O. Box for incoming checks, oversee all events’ finances, assist in the preparation of the budget, help develop fundraising plans, file yearly taxes, and make financial information available to board members and the public. The Treasurer shall also send out formal tax deductible letters to all donors. All financial documents shall be sent to the secretary to be filed. The Treasurer and at least one other officer will be an authorized signer and will have access to withdrawal and deposit funds in and out of the corporation’s bank account.

Social Media: The Social Media Chair is responsible for maintaining all forms of social media including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – this includes maintaining all comments, messages and notifications. The social media chair shall collect artifacts and pictures, organize, and post before, during and after for all events on all forms of media including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Social Media Chair shall organize, and send all photos and videos to the secretary for all Foundation events. The Social Media Chair shall also maintain and oversee the posting for all donors and events for the Foundation.

Public Relations: The Public Relations Chair shall design or be responsible for the creation of all marketing materials including but not limited to flyers, give-aways, signs, and foundation merchandise for all events including the Purple for Pappas 5K.  The Public Relations Chair shall also, with the approval of the Executive Board or committee board members, order all merchandise and promotional items. They shall also organize the Press Releases for all foundation events throughout the year.  All documents & invoices shall be sent to the Secretary to be filed.