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2018 Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship!

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Applications must be submitted via Naviance or by submitting essays to Mrs. Rockenstein ( in guidance department) by Friday, April 13th

*We cannot accept any scholarship applications through The Aubrey Foundation’s email address or website.*

2017 – Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship

The Aubrey Foundation would like to thank the 36 studentswho took the time to write and submit essays for our scholarship in 2017 – we loved reading every single one of them. We would also like to CONGRATULATE last year’s scholarship recipients. Thanks to the support of so many people, businesses, and leaders in and out of the North Brunswick Community, our foundation was able to award EIGHT $1,000.00 scholarships in 2017 to deserving graduates who exemplify the traits that Mrs. Pappas instilled in each of her students: strong academic and family values, perserverance through challenges, acceptance of others’ uniqueness, and a great sense of ambition.

All of the winning essays exhibit how each student, regardless of where their path will take them, plan to continue to #LiveLikeAubrey.


Congratulations to the 2017 Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship Recipients: Preeya Dave, Pawel Dzielski, Nicole Jimenez, Michael Kovacs, Jordan Leonardo, Jeffrey Montoya, Mosam Naik & Andrew Popow!

Preeya Dave: Preeya is a student who is passionate about writing and the English language. She plans to study Journalism and Media Studies in college and then wants to pursue a career in a related field where she an use words, stories, or media to positively influence others and be an advocate for acceptance.
Pawel Dzielski: Pawel is a student who has a heart for service; he realizes the value in helping others. His undeniable selflessness and support for his local community is inspiring. We wish him best of luck as he pursues his passion of becoming a Firefighter, and thank him, in advance, for his service!
Nicole Jimenez: Nicole is an aspiring teacher. She is motivated to positively influence students. She finds joy in helping others and recognizes the delicacy and diversity of students’ circumstances and needs.
Michael Kovacs: Michael is an inspiring individual whose perseverance has led him to overcome some challenging obstacles, particularly in the realm of academia. We admire his openness, willingness to work hard, and determination to stay focused on his studies. He is committed to continuing his education at the college level and further explores his career interests.
Jordan Leonardo: Jordan realizes the importance of physical health and its impact on both body and mind. He was injured during his sophomore year and through his physical therapy developed a ‘positive force’ mindset. He plans on becoming a therapist to help others discover and build up their positive force.
Jeffrey Montoya: Jeffrey is a student who had Mrs. Pappas in 6th grade, and because of her strong influence plans to become an educator as well. His desire to inspire all of his future students, especially those with special needs, radiates the effect Mrs. Pappas had on him and how he will continue to #LiveLikeAubrey.
Mosam Naik: Mosam is a student who understands the importance of embracing students’ differences and seeing the potential each individual has. She is planning to pursue a career in teaching and vows to run a classroom centered on respect and encouragement.
Andrew Popow: Andrew wants to be a leader in our government. He realizes that, like Mrs. Pappas, one must be dedicated, fair and cooperative to not only be inspirational but also to be affective in the right way. In a time of political turbulence, we found it heartwarming and encouraging that this student recognizes the value that our voices matter, especially in politics & government. We know that he will do amazing things with his passion and commitment to making this world a better place.


Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship – Essay Prompt Options

Future Educator: This essay option is for those who plan to pursue a career in education.  Mrs. Pappas was passionate about education and making sure all students had the opportunity to learn both in and outside of the classroom.  Please explain why you want to be an educator and how you will exhibit the traits of Mrs. Pappas in your future career.

Public Service: This essay option is for students who plan to pursue a career in public service (Police, Fire Department, Government, etc.) Aubrey strongly supported the men and women who worked in Public Service to serve and give back to their community.  Explain how and why you plan to start a career in public service.

Overcoming Obstacles: This essay option is for students who have overcome significant obstacles in their lives.  Aubrey was dedicated to helping her students overcome obstacles big and small.  Describe a major obstacle you overcame and how it affected an shaped you.  These obstacles can be anything from losing a loved one, immigrating from another country, overcoming an illness, etc.

Charity & Community Service: This essay option is for students who have shown a commitment to community service and charity work.  Aubrey was always passionate about giving back and helping those in need.  One of her bucket list items was to instill that giving spirit in her son and students.  Explain how and why you have dedicated your time to community service as well as how you will continue to do so after graduation.

Arts: This essay option is for students who plan to pursue an education and career in the arts.  Outside of her normal classes, Aubrey helped create a video production club and enjoyed music and the arts in her spare time.  Explain what the arts mean to you and how and why you plan  pursue an education and career in one of its fields.  The arts include anything from music, video production, dance, theatre, acting, visual/graphic arts, etc.

Fitness Athletic, Health &/or Nutrition: This essay option is for students who plan to live and share a health lifestyle with others.  Aubrey was passionate about eating healthy and incorporating fitness into her life. Se also encouraged others to find a healthy balance in theirs. When she was in school, Aubrey was an enthusiastic member of the field hockey team.  Whether you are going to major in a related field, or plan on helping others stay fit, or lead a healthy lifestyle, please explain how and why you plan to continue to do so.

English &/or Journalism Major: This essay option is for students who plan on majoring in English or Journalism.  Aubrey was passionate about this course of study and how the knowledge gained went far beyond the classroom.  Explain why you are choosing this major and w you plan to use it help others in your career.

Animals: This essay option is for students who plan to pursue a career in working with or caring for animals, in any capacity.  Aubrey loved animals. Healthy relationships between people and pets were especially important to her.  This was evident through her kindness and compassion toward all animals.  Explain how your plan to work with animals in the future will promote animal advocacy.

Cosmetology: This essay option is for students who plan on pursuing a career in cosmetology.  Aubrey was a Mary Kay beauty consultant for several years; a company that believes in empowering women.  Aubrey believed in presenting a confident appearance in all aspects of life and making others feel beautiful inside & out.  Explain what this career path means to you, and how you were inspired to pursue it.