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THANK YOU to everyone who made a donation and joined us in 2021 as we celebrated Cigar Night!  It was so nice to come together as a community once again and raise money for students while #LivingLikeAubrey and #RememberingRaspa.




 The Power of Cigar Night

The idea of Cigar Night came about shortly after the establishment of The Aubrey Foundation when we realized we needed a fundraiser that would help us provide for the inaugural Purple for Pappas 5K and sustain our philanthropic efforts throughout the year. It was paramount that this event be one that would embody the spirit of Aubrey and offer a space to celebrate her life and remember her in a joyful way. 

Sadly, less than 30 days before that first scheduled Cigar Night, one of our committee members, Anthony Raspa, (a cousin of Aubrey’s) lost his life tragically too.  Shortly after Anthony’s passing, his family established The Anthony Raspa Memorial Foundation which, similar to The Aubrey Foundation, was built to teach the importance of being a good person and how that can impact the world.  Anthony, having chosen a career as a NJ State Trooper and Aubrey as a middle school teacher, clearly illustrates that both of them, at their core, were deeply devoted to helping others and there is nothing stronger than a heart for service.

The decision was made to continue with the original vision of this event, but now with the new intention to co-host it between The Aubrey Foundation and The Anthony Raspa Memorial Foundation and honor the legacies of both Aubrey and Anthony.

Cigar Night gives us the space to feel Aubrey and Anthony’s presence in a very special way – by bringing old friends and new ones together - enjoying things they both loved such as music, dancing, great food, hand rolled cigars, the forever famous homemade ‘Pappas Sangria’, lawn games, and most importantly time with family & friends.  To be able to then take all of this energy, love, and funding and transform it all into different ways throughout the year to pay it forward … that is the power of Cigar Night.  

Pay It Forward

Aubrey & Anthony were two incredible people. If there is anything we should take away from what they taught us it's how they lived.  We truly believe that if everyone lived a little more like Anthony and Aubrey the world would be a better place.  Here is a quote that was written by one of our Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship recipients – it is a fantastic reminder of what it means to pay it forward by Living Like Anthony AND Aubrey: “I have learned to find joy in the little things and would love to be the person that can make someone else smile today.”  

Cigar Night 2021

The 7th Annual Cigar Night was held on Sunday, June 27, 2021 from 5:00pm - 9:00pm at The Brownstone in Metuchen, N.J.

Cigar Night is an event that is co-hosted between The Aubrey Foundation and The Anthony A. Raspa Memorial Foundation. Aubrey & Anthony were cousins who passed away within months of each other. The Aubrey Foundation & Anthony A. Raspa Memorial Foundation were created in their memory to serve our local communities in unique ways that mirror the lives they led. To help fund our 2021 giving efforts, we co-host this fundraiser during which we celebrate the lives that Aubrey & Anthony lived in ways that remind us of them. There is nothing they loved more than spending a summer Sunday afternoon with family & friends - dancing to great music, playing games, eating good food, sipping on delicious Pappas sangria and enjoying a cigar. We hope to see you there!



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