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The Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship is so important to our organization. Since Mrs. Pappas’s accident, we have worked hard to raise money in the North Brunswick community to be able to offer this scholarship to the students of North Brunswick, because Aubrey loved working in the North Brunswick school district and she loved teaching North Brunswick students. So, we have chosen to continue her legacy by investing in the North Brunswick students too! It’s one of the greatest ways we can honor Aubrey Pappas. Our hope is that each recipient keeps in touch with The Aubrey Foundation – we want to hear all about your success and how you will continue to Live Like Aubrey in your college communities and beyond.

2021 Scholarship Recipients

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This year, The Aubrey Foundation awarded six scholarships in the amount of $1500 each to six deserving seniors of the North Brunswick Township High School Class of 2021.   Each of the students exemplify the traits that Aubrey Pappas instilled in each of her students; strong academic and family values, perseverance through challenges, acceptance of others’ uniqueness and a great sense of ambition.   We are proud to announce this year’s Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship recipients: Robert Cannuni, Noor El-Tiwal, Emily Hatez, Kirtana Krishnan, Sean Moffitt and Karla Rivera.  

We want to thank all 22 students that applied for the scholarship this year. This class is very special to our foundation; as you have overcome adversity during this pandemic.  Congratulations to the Class of 2021! Continue to reach for the stars and #LiveLikeAubrey.


Robert Cannuni
Charity and Community Service

Robert’s essay was centered on the Charity and Community Service prompt. He speaks about Aubrey’s inspiring spirit and her will to help others and make them smile.  He has the passion to help his community.   He volunteers in his church, school and community.   He believes that it is important to teach the youth the values of life just as Mrs. Pappas did teaching her son and students.  “No matter how small an act of kindness may seem, it could change the outlook of people.   We can all walk with confidence, as we live like Aubrey.”     We have no doubt that he will continue giving back to his community in college and beyond.   He has the confidence to lead by example just like Mrs. Pappas.  

Emily Hatez
Future Educator

Emily’s essay was centered on our Future Educator prompt. She will pursue a career in teaching just as Mrs. Pappas did.  In her essay, she speaks about many family members who are teachers that guided her toward a career as an educator.  “Going into teaching I want to be the teacher that helps students realize what it takes to be their best selves”   Mrs. Pappas also inspired her students and motivated them to be their best selves.  She explains that Mrs. Pappas’s classroom was a safespace and that is how she envisions her future classroom.  Our hope is that she creates a classroom that feels like a community just as Mrs. Pappas did.  

Sean Moffitt
Overcoming Obstacles

Sean’s essay was centered on our Overcoming Obstacles prompt. He realizes the importance of adapting to challenges that he has endured.  He has goals and strives to reach them everyday.  He explains that self advocacy is essential to success.  In his essay he tells a story of how such a short interaction with Mrs. Pappas made a difference in his day.   A simple act of kindness or a friendly chat or smile can brighten a day or lift one’s spirit.  “Just like Mrs. Pappas, I can relate to the importance of our differences, which ultimately help unite our communities and especially our schools.”  He chooses to set goals and makes the seemingly impossible, possible just as Mrs. Pappas did!   

Noor El-Tawil
Charity and Community Service

Noor’s essay was centered on our Charity and Community Service prompt. She speaks of volunteering at a food pantry during the pandemic and how her contribution to the community led to her personal growth to create change around her.   In her essay, she reveals; “I’ve never met Mrs. Pappas, but I know that if she were with us today she would have also been finding ways to help others during these hard times.”  We have no doubt that Mrs. Pappas would have jumped at the opportunity to help her at the food pantry.   She plans to continue to Live Like Aubrey by developing marketing strategies for causes that she cares about and continue to assist her community and country.   She truly has a heart of service.   We know that she will continue to lead in the community through her personal motivation to create change and inspire others to do the same.

Kirtana Krishnan
Charity and Community Service

Kirtana’s essay was centered on our Charity and Community Service prompt. She hopes to form a dance team in college and become a dance instructor.  She volunteers at her local hospital through performing dance routines and she also organized a charity dance festival.  Dance makes her happy and her goal is to spread that happiness to those around her.  Mrs. Pappas made strides within her community through her kind and passionate spirit and she hopes to do the same.   “What makes me who I am are not the elements found within my muscles or the DNA coursing through my veins; it is how I contribute to the world, how I shape my communities and impact those around me to truly make strides within society.”   Our hope is that she continues to live like Aubrey by giving back to the community through what makes her happy; the art of dance. 

Kayla Rivera
Overcoming Obstacles

Karla’s essay was centered on our Overcoming Obstacles prompt. She hopes to become a nurse.  She speaks of her own real life experience as a child and how a traumatic event that she faced shaped her into the person that she is today. In her essay, she describes how she wants to be just like Aubrey, “a person who helped people no matter where they came from and no matter who they were.”  She explains that through her life’s obstacles, she learned to be patient, strong, determined, helpful, and caring.  Our hope is that she continues to live like Aubrey by providing the best care and comfort to her patients just as Aubrey did to each student that she touched.

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