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The Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship is so important to our organization. Since Mrs. Pappas’s accident, we have worked hard to raise money in the North Brunswick community to be able to offer this scholarship to the students of North Brunswick, because Aubrey loved working in the North Brunswick school district and she loved teaching North Brunswick students. So, we have chosen to continue her legacy by investing in the North Brunswick students too! It’s one of the greatest ways we can honor Aubrey Pappas. Our hope is that each recipient keeps in touch with The Aubrey Foundation – we want to hear all about your success and how you will continue to Live Like Aubrey in your college communities and beyond.

2020 Scholarship Recipients

One Mission

This year, The Aubrey Foundation awarded five scholarships in the amount of $1500 each to five deserving seniors of the North Brunswick Township High School Class of 2020. Each of the students exemplify the traits that Aubrey Pappas instilled in each of her students; strong academic and family values, perseverance through challenges, acceptance of others’ uniqueness and a great sense of ambition. We are proud to announce this year’s Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship recipients: Sophia Boni, Ruth Gobena, Caroline Orokos, Erica Sinche Sinche and Justin Soto.

We want to thank all 27 students that applied for the scholarship this year. This class is very special to our foundation; as you have overcome adversity during this pandemic. Congratulations to the Class of 2020! Continue to reach for the stars and #LiveLikeAubrey.


Ruth Gobena
Future Educator


Ruth is extremely passionate about education.  In her essay, she quotes, “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”-Proverbs 22:6  She realizes that a teacher’s job is never done both in and out of the classroom.   Through her mission trip experiences, she recognizes the kind of teacher that she aspires to be; the kind of teacher Aubrey Pappas was; a teacher that has an open heart and makes each student feel cared for and loved while they learn.  Inspired by Aubrey,  Ruth hopes to open her students' minds to the endless possibilities that the world holds.   

Erica Sinche Sinche
Overcoming Obstacles


Erica speaks about overcoming obstacles and moving to the United States. She was able to overcome her own personal obstacles and the difficult transition of moving to a new school and different country. She wants to inspire others to reach their dreams and help them achieve their goals.  Overcoming her struggles has shaped her into the person that she is today.   She realizes the importance of family just as Aubrey did.   She works so hard to make her family proud and appreciates the sacrifices that they made for each other.  Erica takes nothing for granted and treasures her education as she plans to attend college after graduation.   

Justin Soto
Fitness, Athletic, Health &/or Nutrition

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Justin realizes the importance of physical health and its impact on the body and mind. He is a true role model both on and off the track. He continues to inspire others to make positive changes through athletics. In his essay, Justin speaks about the loss of his best friend and how he was able to find solace through track and field.  He plans to continue this sport in college. Justin promises to make sure that his best friend is never forgotten just as Aubrey’s legacy lives on through the North Brunswick community.  He chooses to get up everyday and run with love in his heart and courage at his feet just as Aubrey did. 

Sophia Boni
The Arts


Sophia plans to pursue a career in fashion design. She speaks about Aubrey making a huge impact on her community and she hopes to do the same by expressing her creativity in the fashion industry. Her dream is to be a “spark” in the fashion industry by creating clothing for all body types.   Sophia explains how she wants to celebrate fashion through inclusion and she hopes to increase confidence in others.  We have no doubt that her drive and ambition will lead to great success in the future and finding that special “spark” in others just as Aubrey did.

Caroline Orokos
Overcoming Obstacles


Caroline hopes to become a registered pediatric nurse.  She speaks of her own real life experience as a child and meeting a pediatric nurse that became her hero. In her essay, she describes how Aubrey brought comfort, joy and happiness to her students on a daily basis just as she hopes to bring that same comfort to her patients. She explains,  “Children all over are in hospitals, terrified of what might happen next. I want to be one that brings happiness and joy back into their lives.”  Our hope is that she continues to live like Aubrey by providing the best care and comfort to her patients just as Aubrey did to each student that she touched.   

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