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The Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship is so important to our organization. Since Mrs. Pappas’s accident, we have worked hard to raise money in the North Brunswick community to be able to offer this scholarship to the students of North Brunswick, because Aubrey loved working in the North Brunswick school district and she loved teaching North Brunswick students. So, we have chosen to continue her legacy by investing in the North Brunswick students too! It’s one of the greatest ways we can honor Aubrey Pappas. Our hope is that each recipient keeps in touch with The Aubrey Foundation – we want to hear all about your success and how you will continue to Live Like Aubrey in your college communities and beyond.

2023 Scholarship Recipients

One Mission

This year, The Aubrey Foundation awarded six scholarships in the amount of $1645 each to five deserving seniors of the North Brunswick Township High School Class of 2023.   Each of the students exemplify the traits that Aubrey Pappas instilled in each of her students; strong academic and family values, perseverance through challenges, acceptance of others’ uniqueness and a great sense of ambition.  
We are proud to announce this year’s Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship recipients: Diana Drobot, Caleb Ford, Gerard Monteiro, Olivia Stovall and Cassandra Updegraff.
We want to thank all 35 students that applied for the scholarship this year. We loved reading every single one of your essays. Congratulations to the Class of 2023! Continue to reach for the stars and #LiveLikeAubrey.


Diana Drobot
Overcoming Obstacles

Diana’s essay was centered on our Overcoming Obstacles prompt. She realizes the importance of adapting to change and becoming acclimated to a new community.  She has goals and strives to reach them everyday.  She has never given up!   Just like Aubrey, she “perseveres through the odds to better yourself.”  She never has stopped believing in herself despite all of the obstacles that she has endured. .  In her essay she explains, “I will use my journey of determination to teach others to not give up on themselves no matter how hard things can become.”   She chooses to set goals and make the seemingly impossible, possible just as Mrs. Pappas did!  

Caleb Ford
The Arts

Caleb’s essay was centered on the Arts prompt. He is a student who is inspired by music.  He speaks of his passion for music as bringing people together from all across the world and from all walks of life.  He explains that what speaks to him most about music is “the ability to foster relationships and unite vastly different people.”  He plans to focus on a career in music production and technology.  Our hope is that he continues to inspire others through music and never lose sight of his passion as a musician.  We have no doubt that his drive and ambition will lead to great success in the future.  Music is definitely the Sound of the Community.   “You’ve got the music in you - don’t let go.” 

Gerard Monteiro
Public Service

Gerard’s essay was centered on our Public Service prompt.  He aspires to be a policymaker and serve in the National Guard.  His hope is to one day pursue a career as a social studies teacher.  He has a heart for service just as Aubrey did.  Aubrey was a strong supporter of all public service sectors.  In his essay, he expresses, “ I want to be a compassionate and empathetic leader who puts the needs of their people before themselves.”  Our hope is that he continues to be the shining example and lead by helping others through his service just as Aubrey did.

Olivia Stovall

Olivia’s essay was centered on our Cosmetology prompt. She speaks of the importance of empowering women and helping others with self confidence.  She aspires to open her own salon where she can serve women of all ethnicities.  In her essay, she reveals; “it is important to me that my education offers inclusion in all aspects.  I am excited to challenge myself and learn from others how to establish businesses and services so that my establishment will encompass all women’s needs.”    We have no doubt that she will continue to be a positive role model to other women and  help others be the best they can be just as Mrs. Pappas encouraged her students to feel good about themselves and confident in their own skin.  We know that she will continue to lead in the community through her personal motivation to give back to others and inspire others to do the same. 

Cassandra Updegraff
Future Educator

Cassandra’s essay was centered on our Future Educator prompt. She will pursue a career in teaching just as Mrs. Pappas did.   In her essay, she speaks about using her passion and love of learning to become an elementary school teacher.  She wants her classroom to have “equal opportunities for every student despite what they believe when they walk in…no student will feel out of place, no student will feel underrepresented or unteachable.”   Our hope is that she creates a classroom that feels like a community just as Mrs. Pappas and her father did and continues to follow her own legacy as an inspirational teacher. 

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