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The Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship is so important to our organization. Since Mrs. Pappas’s accident, we have worked hard to raise money in the North Brunswick community to be able to offer this scholarship to the students of North Brunswick, because Aubrey loved working in the North Brunswick school district and she loved teaching North Brunswick students. So, we have chosen to continue her legacy by investing in the North Brunswick students too! It’s one of the greatest ways we can honor Aubrey Pappas. Our hope is that each recipient keeps in touch with The Aubrey Foundation – we want to hear all about your success and how you will continue to Live Like Aubrey in your college communities and beyond.

2022 Scholarship Recipients

One Mission

This year, The Aubrey Foundation awarded six scholarships in the amount of $1575 each to five deserving seniors of the North Brunswick Township High School Class of 2022.   Each of the students exemplify the traits that Aubrey Pappas instilled in each of her students; strong academic and family values, perseverance through challenges, acceptance of others’ uniqueness and a great sense of ambition.  
We are proud to announce this year’s Aubrey Pappas Memorial Scholarship recipients: Emily Camlet, Kelly DeGaetano, Marquis Perry, Talia Samuel and Maggie Schmidt.
We want to thank all 17 students that applied for the scholarship this year. We loved reading every single one of your essays. Congratulations to the Class of 2022! Continue to reach for the stars and #LiveLikeAubrey.


Emily Camlet
Future Educator

Emily’s essay was centered on our Future Educator prompt. She will pursue a career in teaching just as Mrs. Pappas did.   In her essay, she speaks about using her passion and love of learning to become an Italian teacher.  Her goal in the classroom is to “foster a welcoming learning environment and make every student feel valued.”   Our hope is that she creates a classroom that feels like a community just as Mrs. Pappas did.   

Kelly DeGaetano
Fitness, Athletics, Health & Nutrition

Kelly’s essay was centered on our Fitness, Athletics, Health & Nutrition prompt. She speaks of the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle through participating in sports.  She realizes the importance of physical health and its impact on the body and mind. She is a true role model both on and off the soccer field.  In her essay, she reveals; “having a sport every season makes me have to maintain a healthy lifestyle by staying active.”    We have no doubt that she will continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle through sports and staying active.  She continues to inspire others to make positive changes through athletics and  help others be the best they can be just as Mrs. Pappas encouraged her students to work to their full potential.  We know that you will continue to lead in the community through her personal motivation to create change and inspire others to do the same.

Marquis Perry
Overcoming Obstacles

Marquis’s essay was centered on our Overcoming Obstacles prompt. He realizes the importance of adapting to change and becoming acclimated to a new community.  He has goals and strives to reach them everyday.  Just like Aubrey, he “does not want to waste a single day.”  He explains about the importance of a team and acceptance both on and off the football field.  In his essay he explains, “it is my dream to coach younger kids in the fields of  both track and football.  I am focused, determined, and capable of handling obstacles...”   He chooses to set goals and make the seemingly impossible, possible just as Mrs. Pappas did!

Talie Samuel
The Arts

Talia’s essay was centered on the Arts prompt. She is a student who is inspired by photography.  She speaks of art as bringing people together and expressing herself through her creativity.  She explains, “Photography is my confidence booster, seeing the work I produce and imagining the possibilities keeps me going.”  She plans to become an artist and train younger artists in photography.  Our hope is that she continues to inspire others through her art work and never lose sight of her passion as an artist.  We have no doubt that her drive and ambition will lead to great success in the future. 

Maggie Schmidt

Maggie’s essay was centered on our Journalism prompt.  She loves to write just like Aubrey.  Aubrey taught Language Arts  at Linwood for many years and her passion for writing shined bright in her classroom.  As a journalist she explains, “I will never compromise my dignity for any story, I want every person who is passionate about the media and writing to have a shot…”   Our hope is that she stands up for what she believes and stays true to who she is while expressing herself  in her writing just as Mrs. Pappas did!

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